Mobile Application Development Company in Delhi


Omni Webtech is A Mobile Application Development Company in Delhi.A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.

Why Mobile App

Statistics shows that average user uses mobile app around 3 to 4 hours daily. When user uses his mobile he scroll , take picture, use calling function, change setting etc. in this process, he is likely to see icon of your apps which is usually your company’s logo, and people start recognizing your Mobile app and company.
If you provide good Mobile app for your customers then you can serve them better. In mobile Apps You can show notification of important information. If User will find your app user friendly they will start sharing or liking this will increase popularity of your apps.
An app gives a better user experience because an app can provide many native functionality like using camera, picture from gallery, storing data locally, providing many offline features as well.


So if you want to be a big company or you have the idea which can turn your company into a big one you definitely need a Mobile App because mobile app is preferred very much these days.

Some People might suggest you about a responsive website than a mobile app. But a mobile app is always better than Website. Whenever you open a website, it takes time to get opened. It takes more time to start showing the information in website, but a mobile app is installed on your mobile it takes lesser time to start. A mobile app loads data first time after connecting to server. The positive side is that we can store downloaded data on mobile/tablet locally for future use. So in Mobile app to connect with server is not necessary again and again, it depends on the need only, but a website always serve data and other resources from server.


Why you need a Mobile App

You need mobile app because: –

  1. The speed of app is always good.
  2. A mobile app connects with server faster than a website.
  3. An app is more powerful than a website.
  4. An app connects with data server and gets data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format or XML. It takes lesser time to download from server which makes JSON a preferred technology.
  5. An app is always first choice when it comes to offline calculation or to access the device native functionally.

Why Omni Webtech

  1. Whenever we want to develop a mobile app we need a good development team because all services for mobile app is made on server. We can use any database or programming language to make service of our app. Development is our main strength as Founder Narender Kumar and Geeta Rawat are both developers.
  2. If we develop website and app both for you. We can make services to be used with website also for the purpose of data connectivity. If APP and website both will use same services it will help to maintain quality for your project. Please do remember to succeed; Quality of project is most important.

So we will help you to convert your idea in a good Mobile App.  You can contact at +91 9999 424 421

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