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Omni Webtech  offers School poratl development and School software.  A school website is a medium to connect with Parents. We can provide best school software which can help you to improving your efficiency. It is always important to have a good website if you want to connect with your client. You can manage your school website and software form anywhere. So why wait call us with your requirement we will be glad to help you. Our school portal software provides overall school administrative tools that help you manage your routine work. We are here to help you find all the school related solutions. Our team of experienced professionals provides the best. We provide customized school portal development to your changing requirements.

School software is must for today’s school. Every school need school software to manage school easily. There is lots of task in school which should be automated to provide school that technical edge. For example a school has many students and each student has large amount of information like attendance, fee management, marks, message on absence, and message on fee payment. These all should be automated so that information can be accessed easily and all task related to managing school can be done by one person only by using our school software which generally you need more person to manage and after that you cannot guarantee accuracy of reports. So you need our software to improve efficiency .

Highlight of software.

  1. Easy to learn and easy to master

School software is easy to learn. Anyone with some training can use school software easily.

  1. Admission
    • Unique ID for all students
    • Comprehensive admission form
    • Multiple guardian addition facility with image uploads facility for guardian.
    • Previous education details can be recorded
    • Photo upload facility
    • Student registration message on admission on parent mobile with welcome message.
  1. Messages
    • Inbuilt messaging
    • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system
    • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
    • Message reports for communication history.
    • Prior information can be informed about school events, news and holidays, PTM to keep parents involved.
  2. Student details
    • Search student with class wise.
    • Student with pending fee.
    • Print Slc
  3. Manage/Create Users
    • View profile of all users based on the roles
    • View/Edit users password and privileges
    • Set privileges to users as per their roles
    • Allows organization to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility
  1. Timetable
    • Alerts on subject limits per week stats
    • Alerts on employee subject limits while creating timetable
    • Timetable creation in advance
    • Edit/Delete timetable facility available
  2. Attendance
    • Easy marking of attendance
    • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given
    • Different types of attendance report can be taken
    • Reports can be filtered using the available filters
    • Attendance for last year also can be seen using filter.
  3. Settings
    • Send SMS to single or group users or to all
    • Manage student categories
    • Setting fee for fee structure.
  1. Finance
    • Comprehensive Fee classification system
    • Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
    • Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
    • Easy fee submission process
    • Fee import facility for faster system use
    • Manage and Pay instant fees
    • Manage entire expense and incomes
    • Customize and manage different category of expense and incomes
    • Different Report generation facility
    • Automatic transaction facility are available
    • Manage Asset and Liabilities
  2. Transport
    • Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles
    • Add destination and cost details
    • Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details
    • Transport Fee facility available
  3. I card Printing
    • I card printing
  4. Mark sheet Printing

We provide you

  1. A very impressive website and look n feel of a school website design with animated banners in java script driven slide shows (JavaScript banners is seo friendly) that you can change yourself if you want – this is required to get that edge and make it eye-catching. Feedback form.
  2. Principal login, Management login, admin login, Teacher login etc.
  3. Standard mandatory sections like Profile Overview, About Your school, Services Offered, Location, Destinations, and contact information with map.
  4. Site Search to search for information on the school website using Google or your website search tools.
  5. Advanced features like online admission, Tour itinerary map, Dynamic/Static school Itineraries, Photo Gallery, site search, online payment.
  6. Free Responsive Design

Why you choose us

We have a team of experienced well trained professionals who understand your needs and can develop applications which are according to your specifications and requirements. Our motto is 100% client satisfaction So if  you have any needs for School portal development, you can contact us anytime. We can provide you with quality solutions to your requests. We don’t only say quality; we will prove it to you. We provide school portal development in Delhi NCR and all over the world.

You can print mark sheet class wise, student with easy interface.

For a demo call at +91 9999424421

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