Transport Management System

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Transport management system (TMS) or Bilty Software is for transporter, Supplier, brokers. TMS provide all steps from loading to unloading. It calculates all information related to payment. For example.

  1. How much did you pay?
  2. How much to pay?
  3. How much do you receive?
  4. How much to receive?

Highlighted Feature:

  1. One click data export .
    1. You can export all data using one click.
  2. Print Friendly
    1. Reports , bilty, gatepass print is printing friendly you can print all these using filter. for example you can filter a bilty printing using   ,  , 
  3. Company Detail
    1. Company detail
    2. Company address.
  4. User Management System
    1. Employee Detail with Joining Date, Leaving Date, Degree , Designation etc
    2. Employee Multiple Address Detail (Permanent / Residential)
  5. Transport Documents/Bilty Details
    1. LR ( Lorry Receipt )
    2. Service Tax Paid By Consigner / Consignee / Transporter Option
    3. Billing Party and Address Selection
    4. Consigner and Address Selection
    5. Consignee and Address Selection
    6. Vehicle No, Driver Name
    7. Source (Start) to Destination (End)
    8. Multiple Entry of Material In Truck with
    9. Packages
    10. Packing Method
    11. Actual Weight
    12. Charged Weight
    13. Rate
    14. Freight, Hamali, Service Tax, Statutory Charges Entry Option
    15. Invoice No and Invoice Amount of Packages Loaded
    16. Special Remark
    17. Multiple Challan Against One LR Option
    18. From LR , Bill and Challan Information Directly
    19. Challan
    20. Broker Name and its address selection
    21. Challan No and Date
    22. Vehicle No, Driver Name
    23. Source (Start) to Destination (End)
    24. Multiple Selection of LR No with Consignor , Consignee, Content, To be billed
    25. Amount, To Pay Amount
    26. Hamali, Lorry Freight, Other Charges
    27. Special Remaks
    28. Payment detail on Challan Screen for ease of work
    29. Bill
    30. Party Name and its address
    31. Bill No and Date
    32. Order No and Date
    33. LR No Selection
    34. Truck No
    35. Misc Charges, Discount / Deduction
    36. Special Remarks
    37. Receipt Detail on Bill Screen for ease of Work

For Demo please call at +91 9999 424 421

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