14 Essential Features of Every Good Business Website



Here is Essential Features of Every Good Business Website

  1. Easy to read

Business website is made for public visitor so content of website must be easy to read. For example content color and background color should be eye pleasing. Images and content should be well formatted and there must be some space for easy readability. Heading size must be prominent.

  1. Easy to Navigate

Whenever any user is on your website. To navigate must be easy. The position of link must be on just top so that link can be visible easily. If your website is responsive then link must be in top and menu icon should be visible easily.

  1. Comfortably Viewed

Your website must look good on all resolution whether this is tablet or mobile or laptop. You must keep in your mind that your website is responsive or not. If your website is not responsive then your website won’t look great on mobile or tablet and more than 70% traffic comes from mobile. If your website is not responsive then whether website is informative the user will not be able to read and navigate it properly and visitor can slip to another website.

  1. Quick to download

Your website must be quick to download for better user experience. If your website keeps loading content and user cant able to see the result soon then he can go to another website. To improve your website serving speed. Your website’s css, script and images must be served cdn or cookie less domain. Image size must be good in proportion.

  1. Avoid Dead Link.

To improve your website experience please keep in mind that your website must not have any dead link. And redirect must be 301 status. It means moved permanently.

  1. Keep Content fresh and to the point.

We are living in the world where new technologies and ideas are coming very frequently so your content must be fresh so that visitor gets fresh and complete information and visitors need not to go somewhere else.

Your website content should be to the point. So that visitor doesn’t get confused. You should keep your audience in mind when preparing content for website or website.

  1. Provide contact form

A good website must have contact form for visitor so that visitor can contact providing his info. Website owner can get useful information from that contact form. A business website uses forms to increase leads.

  1. Browser Compatible

In today world there is so many screen size and os. They all have different browser you don’t know your visitor will see your website using which browser so your website must be all browser compatible. So that your website look good on all browsers and your website leave a good impact on visitor.

  1. Search Engine Friendly

Website is mostly thought to be a means of marketing. When someone wants a website he also wants that his website should come on top in search engines. For this your website must be search engine friendly.

  1. Search Form in website

Whenever any visitor comes on your website he must be able to find all information easily. In that case he cannot found any information he must be able to search your website using a search form otherwise he can go to another website and you can lose your visitor/customers.

  1. Sitemap

Sitemap is very important part of a website because if any visitor wants to see your website in one view he can see it using html sitemap. XML Sitemap is a sitemap which is very important for SEO. Search engine understands the whole website using xml sitemap.

  1. Seo Friendly Url 

For all website this is very important that website’s URL is seo friendly. Website URL should be always in lowercase and for space there must be hyphen like if your product name is “My Product Name “then url must be “my-product-name”.

  1. Responsive Website

“Responsive website means a website which adjusts itself according to device to provide a better user experience “.  In today world there is many different device based on screen. More than 70 % traffic comes using mobile so to be responsive is a primary need of any website.

  1. FAQ

FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions” so to provide FAQ in your website is very important so that user can easily understand your website and he can get all knowledge from website.

So in short your website must have all above features.

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